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We Have Liftoff! Bienvenidos a

This new website is the result of friendships and collaboration. And, although it bears my name, it belongs to you.

In January 2022, I was sipping whisky with my friend novelist Arturo Herrera-Barré in his lovely apartment in Mexico City. A Wharton-educated businessman, Arturo examined my old homemade website on his cellphone and, with the bluntness one only gets from true friends, he said: Dorothy, this will not do

Arturo quickly referred me to the brilliant engineer and website designer, Alma Lucero Flores Méndez, to whom I am infinitely grateful for her patience, wisdom, and firm guidance during the months we spent creating With Alma on my team, I am free to retire to my writing and translation cave and give over the reins of admin to someone who knows what the hell she is doing. What a relief.

Designing a website is an honest yet aspirational look in the mirror. An examination of your aesthetic, vibe, spirit, and identity. It’s a contemplation of what you’ve done, what you’re doing, what you’re not going to do anymore (this part is essential)—and what you’re working toward. This website is my the shop window for my writing and translation work, a kind of advertisement. But it’s also a living, breathing story, a dynamic creative space that will update regularly. It’s a narrative guided by my curiosity, passions, and, most of all, by my love of the word.

Here I honor the generous authors, artists, editors, translators, publishers and organizations with whom I collaborate and who shape my thinking. The writing life is famously solitary, but it’s also one of vibrant community, intense friendships, and continuous learning. In that way, is a literary gathering place where I hope you will want to hang out.

Alma integrated my social feeds into the design and they offer snapshots of my day-to-day enthusiasms. In the blog, I’ll share longer reflections on reading and writing, translation, events, and life. Like me, this site is a work in progress. 

You can reach out via the contact page and WhatsApp, and you can even schedule a short meeting with me during office hours via Calendly. (That was Arturo’s idea, too) and I hope you will take advantage of those features. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon.

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