Review: “Arrhythmias” in Literal Magazine

January 21, 2023

Greg Walklin offers an insightful take on my new book-length translation of Arrhythmias, thirty-two essays by Mexican Jewish contemporary writer, Angelina Muñiz-Huberman. He writes:

The pleasure in reading this book comes from both its “salt and pepper” variations—the many topics, styles, approaches, and ideas covered here, with the twists that Muñiz-Huberman provides—and the singular, consistent way it chops them up into digestible, short repast. (“As if the world were a breathing exercise.”) Muñiz-Huberman’s writing, rendered into crisp English by D.P. Snyder, is precise and lucid, clear of foggy abstractions. As a piano player, Muñiz-Huberman writes that she “turned legatos into staccatos.” Even if the music starts and stops, you will surely want to keep listening.

“Crisp English” is what one strives for. Thank you, Greg and Literal.

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